We have lots to do in 2018. The world seems to be increasing in frustration and chaotic drama; it's more important now than ever to stay vigilant in keeping our communities safe and prosperous. Penniloop is a commerce platform so we can inspire people to do more. In 2018 we will publish and promote specific programs that have a higher number of "favorites" as well as suggested programs that local businesses can easily do.

As a team, we are even more committed to seeing a greater Pennniloop community. We are seeking out people and businesses, moving beyond our own networks, kickstarting progress, and finding new ways to use Penniloop to help people.

We appreciate everyone who supports us in our mission and goals. We wish everyone a peaceful and prosperous 2018.


2018 will be our year of growth and progress! Expect Penniloop in these countries: Singapore, Australia, India, Canada, New Zealand, and India. As we grow, please send a happy shout out to all the small businesses who are making a difference in their home countries. Let them know how much they are supported!

We've had users ask why we setup each country individually. The reason is that Penniloop algorithms are based on local municipalities that connect to the sellers and buyers. We also tailor the categories and interests based on what is popular or needed for each country.

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