Penniloop [Bootcamp]:
Searching Loops

Loops are the connections between categories and interests.

Start your search on the home or the search page. At the top you'll see the search fields.

There are three:
- word search box
- category dropdown
- interest dropdown

To search a basic loop, pick one category and one interest then click the search button. To change your loop, scroll to the top and start over or scroll to the bottom and use the change search options.

To get a specific loop, click the topic links on the posts (example: animals + arts). It will take you to the topic portal where you can search refined loops. On the top of the posts you'll see another search bar where you can refine your search. Use the new dropdowns to get closer to your desired loop.

Once you find your loop, consider saving it (click the star icon at the bottom of the post region). It will ask you to login and then will return to your search. This will leave "breadcrumbs" along the way.

You can delete or revisit your saved searches in "My Searches" under "My Account" in the top menu.

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