Penniloop [Bootcamp]:
Searching Topics

Penniloop topics use a specific structure that's easy to follow (once you get hang of it).

On the top penniloop home or the wide search page you'll see a box for a word search, a dropdown of categories, and a dropdown of interests.

Begin with a general search, either a loop (combining a category with an interest) or by picking just one topic from the dropdown list. This determines your search path. By selecting only one topic you'll go to its portal where you can refine and match more specific to your needs. If you choose to make a loop from the wide (general) search you'll see combinations that are recently published or trending.

To visit topic pages, click on the tags (words) on the pages [example "pets + arts", where each is a link to its portal].

Once you are on the topic page you may further refine your search by using keywords in the refine box, the sub-topic dropdown, and the loop dropdown. These three options can lead you through all of the Penniloop posts. If you don't see what you're looking for on the topic page, use the general search to try a different topic or visit the "all categories" or "all interests" pages.

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