Penniloop [Bootcamp]:
Social Sharing

Sharing through Penniloop is easy

Penniloop has sharing options included.

Posts by nature are shared through Penniloop. The link that you add can come from anywhere, it's made flexible so you can share from Amazon, websites, social media, and email serices. On the post you must add the "http://www." part before the link. Variations are accepted (https) but it won't share unless you add it.

Profiles have options where you can add your store and social media links. Links (icons) are displayed publicly so each time someone views your profile they will have the option of following to the location you provide. You can use any store, social media, or website as long as it has a typical link address and abides by our safety policies (no sharing of weapons or adult material).

Most devices have the option to share with friends or through social apps. As Penniloop grows, stay tuned for more sharing options.

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